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The Coldplay brand + their new album my-low zy-le-toe

Detail is a huge fan of Coldplay, as are many others. Their latest album Mylo Xyloto selling over 50 million can attest to that. Being in the business of branding, we always end up thinking about what it is that makes a brand successful and the things that impact a brand. Lets have a quick look at the brand that is Coldplay. The band resonates with fans because their music is genuine, accessible by many different types of people, their lyrics relatable – they really get into their work and it shows on stage. There’s an intimacy in their brand which I think gets to the core of their loyal fans. Our friend Kerry puts it well when she says “Coldplay works hard, plays solidly, writes lovely, magnanimous songs with big, joyous melodies and understands its audience.” Heck even a canadian pastor digs what they do.

Now, about their new album “Mylo Xyloto”. I know what they were thinking when digging for a new album name, and to their credit they achieved it. It stands out, it permeates fun, excitement and creativity. And its quirky. But Coldplay has confirmed, it has no real meaning. It was just a made up word. To top it off, not many can actually pronounce it either!

Coming from a branding perspective, I think that is where their endeavour went sour. As Coldplay is an international and intergenerational brand, it is important first of all to create a name that your audience can pronounce and therefore talk about, and second of all, give the audience a little more intellectual credit, keeping them on their toes with a meaningful or profound name that reflects the quality of music created. The Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has admitted he regrets the name of their recent album.

Don’t worry Coldplay, if Ikea can get away with ridiculous naming conventions, we can let this one slide as well…But just this once.

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