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Timeless Branding Tips from Josiah Wedgwood

Detail spoils its clients and guests by serving tea and coffee in an set of Blue Siam Wedgwood China. Josiah Wedgwood founded his china company in the mid 1700’s and even though over 300 years have passed since its conception, we can all take some branding pointers from him.

1.Stay true to who your are
through your brand.

Josiah stayed true to who he was despite the sentiments of his time and communicated that in the Wedgwood brand – Josiah created a Wedgwood anti-slavery medallion to bring light to humanity and freedom. The medallion had the inscription ‘Am I not a man and a brother?’. His honourable notions displayed in his pottery paid off and soon after the release of the medallion, it was popularly adorned on snuff-boxes and seen on bracelets of the most fashionable ladies of the time.

Spreading the message and promoting social change through branding and design is nothing new. Josiah saw the injustice of slavery and an opportunity to leverage the brand of Wedgwood to promote human rights.

2.Simplicity through innovation. Simple can sometimes be better.

Innovation doesn’t have to make things more complicated. In fact, innovation can lead to greater simplicity of design. Simplicity in design, of a logo or a story behind a brand, can provide longevity and impact. Josiah developed new pottery techniques using his knowledge and skills in chemistry to create simpler, yet more durable, functional and timeless pieces for our serving pleasure. 300 years have passed and Wedgwood is still a household name. The Wedgwood brand and story have aged well.

At Detail, we want our design and strategy to last, just like our Blue Siam has. We can help you communicate your identity through your brand and story just like Josiah with Wedgwood. Whether you’re selling peanuts or furniture, the principles of a good brand have not changed (as you can see). We can help you tell your story. If a bone China company can help abolish slavery, anything is possible!

What are your favourite brands that have lasted through the ages?

Acknowledgements: Thank you Josiah Wedgwood for paving the way to the abolition of slavery and an important thank you to the Wedgwood Museum for preserving the history, brand and story of Wedgwood.

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