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Crafting with a Purpose

If we can find a crafty solution to a communication problem we’re usually all over it. When we wanted to meet the minds behind some of Vancouver’s cool brands we decided to invite them over for coffee – they meet us, we meet them, we get to show-off our work and who knows, maybe we’ll find a way to work together.

We thought about sending them an email but that felt unoriginal and uncreative so we deleted it as an idea. We thought about picking up the phone, we tried, but too often we were mistaken for cheesy sales people so we hung-up on that idea.

Finally we got creative (and crafty), as is our tendency. We decided on a personalized card in a unique hand-made envelope. When was the last time you got an invite in the mail?


The Card:

We wanted to show what we had in mind – no paper cups and stale coffee for our guests. We took some shots of our coffee table setup with china, silver and cookies (quite a few shots actually since we’re a little OCD when it comes to photos).

Also, when you’re running to a meeting it’s best to know where you’re going so we made that easy with a shot of where we are in town.

Lastly, a few nice words about the company and the person we were sending it to and hey presto… an irresistible invitation!

The Envelope:

No manila here. We downloaded a template and cut the paper out of some swank high-end magazines we had on hand – we save trees! We lined the envelope with Detail’s logo (shameless self-promotion we know), popped in the card and stuck on a stamp.

The Response:

In our card we promised to call so we were not surprised to reach people who still had the card on their desks. To date, we’ve had a dozen or so coffees. We’ve met a ton of interesting people and yes, we did get one or two clients out of it – Success!

If your card got lost in the mail, our sincerest apologies, give us a call and we’ll remedy that pronto!

What was the best thing you got in the mail lately? – comment below!

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