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Detail Makes Room for a New Addition

Hello friends of the blog, my name is Masako and I am the the new Business Development Manager at Detail! A little serendipity and a lot of culture are what led me to find a place at Detail.

Now, I’ve interacted with a lot of potential employers in my lifetime and I’ve come to know the different hiring styles out there. There are those that hire based on technical skills, obedience and “what looks good on paper”, and then there are those that hire based on culture, fit, creativity, ambition, personality, and innovation.

It only took Detail two questions to decide whether they wanted to get to know me a bit better: How would you describe Brand (with a capital B) to your grandmother and what makes you a fun person to work with? You may think that these two questions are trivial and basic, vague even. But you know what? It got me to convey more than I could ever convey by answering any of the Top 10 Questions You Will Be Asked in an Interview.

And that’s how they pull out the essence of what makes their clients passionate – by asking the right questions, by stimulating the flow of conversation about who you really are, what makes you wake up in the morning, and how you’re going to translate that into your brand.

The Detail team have a knack for making you feel immediately comfortable. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome, to provide you with an environment that shows that they care, not only about your professional growth, but also your personal growth. All the little details that make up this agency add up to unquantifiable value. From the coffee served in Michael’s mother’s antique Wedgewood cup-and-saucer set to the art on the walls that were created by the Detail team – individually, these details are unique, interesting, different, but together they stand for something more, and that is the Detail culture. It can never, and will never be replicated anywhere else.

I am absolutely delighted to be part of the team and cannot wait for my creative journey to unfold at Detail.

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