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Strategy + Communications

Detail’s consulting services will lend an objective lens to your business processes and reconnect you to your objectives and brand, building a roadmap to success. Think of Detail as an intelligent friend with decades of business experience – we help you to see the priorities of your business and assist you in developing a logical and effective plan to reach your goals utilizing our design and communications expertise.

Design = form + function. Business Strategy development is the function behind our design. Detail works closely with our clients to decipher business objectives, and then strategizes to achieve those objectives with creativity and originality. We craft a meticulous business strategy that will mobilize your brand, guide future design and communications projects and evolve with changing market conditions.

A successful brand creates an engaging and authentic experience for its audience. Detail’s branding process uncovers a company’s personality and fashions a brand experience of strength, vision and longevity to guide all manner of business activity. We relish the opportunity to develop a brand from the ground up or to take an existing brand and polish its look, voice and reputation. Alongside an effective Business Strategy, our Brand Positioning provides the foundation for clients to confidently approach any communications medium or audience touch point and accelerate their business into a competitive market.

Building a Media Communications Plan is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Detail can guide you in the development of news-worthy stories, created by journalists, that support your brand messaging and put you in the best possible position to gain traction in the media. Detail has an extensive print, television and online media network both nationally and internationally that we can utilize to communicate your message.

Internal staff, customers, investors and suppliers are all stakeholders in your business. Understanding how to communicate successfully with each of these groups will promote a standard of business practices that can only serve to increase your brand recognition and reputation. Detail will assist in developing targeted communications that effectively convey a message to your internal stakeholder groups.

The pen is truly mightier than the sword. Detail understands how to wield the keyboard to our clients’ advantage. The ‘voice’ of your brand is as important as the logo or ‘face’ of your brand. Detail can craft and edit copy to achieve an authoritative and knowledgeable voice for your organization, creating consistency across all mediums.

Creative + Design

Detail’s creative process makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a real ideas guy – bubbling with ideas, thinking outside the box and ready to get our hands dirty. Collectively, we have decades of creative and design experience. Our aesthetic runs from the funky to the more dignified and everything in between. We do not create designs for ourselves or for wavering fads, but for your specific brand, needs and audience.

A logo is a visual representation of a brand. Detail uses our Business Strategy and Brand Positioning processes to fuel a client’s logo development, streamlining the brand personality and core values into a single, authentic form. We work closely with our clients to reach a logo design that they can be proud of, and provide a comprehensive branding standards guide to ensure the continued integrity of the brand. Detail can design comprehensive identity packages, from business cards to stationary; brochures to vehicle wraps; posters to packaging.

Our belief is that good design increases perceived value. Detail designs with a thorough understanding of our client’s business and project objectives. We employ form, colour, typography, photography and illustration to enhance the written word and intelligently communicate the full depth and breadth of a brand. Pencil to paper or mouse to screen, Detail has an aptitude for unique and aesthetically pleasing designs and illustrations, giving your brand character in any medium and using the many tools at our disposal to give you an edge.

Detail has a secret love for campaign design. It allows us to expand our minds, do some detective work and explore unchartered territory. With an understanding of your brand and the new challenges you are faced with, we get our creative juices flowing to produce clever, eye-catching and authentic campaigns that will reach your target audience and hold conceptual strength.
We fully encourage our clients to join in the fun and contribute to the creative process!

Today’s market starts on the web. A well-designed website is key to not only reaching your audience, but impressing them. Detail’s expertise gets to the bare bones of a website, perfecting the Information Architecture and Site Mapping before exploring the visual rendering, and creating a positive user experience that will result in repeat visitors and higher SEO rankings. Content Management Systems give our designs flexibility in functionality while allowing our clients to update their own sites moving forward.