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Sum of 7: 8 Bit Art

Hello blog friends, this is my very first Sum of 7 post and I was inspired by Detail’s visual branding so decided to write about 8-bit art. Being a child of the early 80′s, I am no stranger to traditional 8-bit art and its origins from pixelated video games (I sure loved Duck Hunt as a kid). Flash forward to 2012 and I still see it has a strong following in popular culture. In fact, a little Google research led me to discover that there is a HUGE following and it has evolved into a culture of its own. You can even download apps onto your iPhone and create your own 8-Bit Art. Pretty cool, I must say.

Here are SEVEN 8-bit art // 8-bit-inspired art that caught my eye:

Here’s a great PBS video featured in Wired about the evolution of 8-bit art.

Detail’s Sum of 7 is inspired by the Golden Rule of Divine Proportion or more specifically the total of the first 5 numbers of the Fibonacci Series. Leonardo Fibonacci’s simple numerical series has become one of the foundations for using the Golden Ratio by the 20th centuries most influential artists. It is the proportion that is most aesthetically pleasing.

- Masako

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