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Sum of 7: Cinematography as Cinemagraphs

Ever heard of animated gifs? Well Cinemagraphs are animated in the same way. A forever looping sequence, which contains within itself “a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.”

Visual Graphics Artist Kevin Burg began experimenting with the .gif format in this style in 2009 but it wasn’t until he partnered with photographer Jamie Beck to cover NYFW that Cinemagraphs were born. Marrying original content photography with the desire to communicate more to the viewer birthed the cinemagraph process. Starting in-camera, the artists take a traditional photograph and combine a living moment into the image through the isolated animation of multiple frames. To quote supermodel Coco Rocha “it’s more than a photo but not quite a video”.

Beck and Burg named the process “Cinemagraphs” for their cinematic quality while maintaining at its soul the principles of traditional photography. Launched virally through social media platforms Twitter and Tumblr, both the style of imagery and terminology has become a class of its own. The creative duo are looking forward to exploring future display technologies for gallery settings as well as pushing this new art form and communication process as the best way to capture a moment in time or create a true living portrait in our digital age while embracing our need to communicate visually and share instantly.

Animated gifs have been a staple of entertainment since the inception of the internet so it’s no surprise to see these animated forms of expression evolve with technology.

My Sum of below, have a slightly eery quality to them. Enjoy!

A few other great sources of Cinemagraphs Animated Gifs

Detail’s Sum of 7 is inspired by the Golden Rule of Divine Proportion or more specifically the total of the first 5 numbers of the Fibonacci Series. Leonardo Fibonacci’s simple numerical series has become one of the foundations for using the Golden Ratio by the 20th centuries most influential artists. It is the proportion that is most aesthetically pleasing.

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